Stoichiometric Lithium Tantalate (SLT)

Product Description

Stoichiometric Lithium Tantalate (SLT) is superior to congruently grown Lithium Tantalate (CLT) as it is closer to ideal ratio of Lithium to Tantalum (50:50). This improved ratio provides the crystal with much lower defect density, thereby reducing the chances for optical damage and improving UV transmittance, at the same time having larger non-linear and electro-optic coefficients. When used in quasi-phase matched applications, SLT requires significantly less voltage during the periodical poling process, thus allowing the manufacture of thicker chips.



  • Mainly for QPM devices where photorefractive damage resistance in the visible and UV spectrum is required



  • Low Coercive Field
  • Higher Optical Damage Threshold
  • Available Undoped and MgO doped


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Parameters Nominal Specifications
Composition Stoichiometric LiTaO3 (Li/Ta ~ 49.96:50.04)
Curie Temperature 690 °C
Space Group R3c
Lattice Parameters (nm) a = 0.51509
c = 1.3773
Transparent Wavelength Range (nm) 270 - 5500
Refractive Indices (at 633 nm) ne = 2.177
no = 2.1745
Birefringence (no - ne ) -0.0025
Linear EO Constants (pm/V) r31 = 8.1
r33 = 33.5
Nonlinear Optical Constants(pm/V) d13 = 2.5
d33 = 16
E-field for Domain Switch (Coercive Field) (kV/mm) < 1.0
Optical Damage Threshold (kW/cm2 ) > 1000 (undoped)