Optical Coating Services


Deltronic Crystal's coatings cover the spectrum from 220 to 2500nm and are designed to offer high damage resistance, low absorption and environmental stability.

Available coatings include resistance evaporation and electron beam evaporation. Resistance evaporated films are a low-cost alternative typically used for single-wavelength anti-reflection coatings and provide above average resistance for long-pulse applications. Electron beam coatings are more environmentally durable and have broader applications due to the range of available film materials.


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  Description Wavelength Range Reflection
Anti-Reflection Coating Single (AR) 220-399nm ≤0.5%
Dual (DWAR) 400-2500nm ≤0.25%
Broadband (BBAR) 400-2500nm ≤0.5%
(Visible Bandwidth, 200nm) 400-2500nm Average ≤0.5%
    Absolute ≤0.25%
  Wavelength Range Transmission Tolerance
Single Wavelength Partial Transmitters 220-399nm 90-10.1% ±3.0%
  10-5.1% ±2.0%
400-2500nm 5-2.0% ±1.0%
  90-10.1% ±2.0%
  10-5.1% ±1.0%
  5-2.0% ±0.5%
  1-0.3% ±0.2%
  Description Wavelength Range Reflection
High Reflection Coating Single (HR) 220-399nm ≥99.0%
  400-2500nm ≥99.8%
Dual Band (DBHR) 400-2500nm ≥99.8%
Broadband (BBHR) 400-2500nm ≥99.8%
(Visible Bandwidth, 200nm)    
The specifications above apply to normal angle of incidence on fused silica substrates.