PPLN and PPSLT Ovens

The Digital Thermo Regulator DTR series are bench-top instruments for thermal stabilization of the nonlinear optical crystals in the range from room temperature up to 200oC. The instrument consists of thermo controller module and crystal oven.

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The Thermo Controller Module

This is a digital microprocessor based unit for heating optical crystal ovens and PID control mode. The instrument has one semiconductor switch output and one input for RTD temperature probe. The module is equipped with 4 multi-function buttons, a 16x2 character LCD display and 2 LED signals. The embedded current-loop receiver and the 16bit pulse width modulator provide long-term stability of less than 0.05o rms.

Crystal Oven

The oven consists of nonlinear crystal holder, temperature-to-current converter, coaxial heater providing homogenous temperature distribution over the crystal holder and housing of thermo isolating material. The diameter of the standard oven permits accommodation of a nonlinear crystal with dimension 5x5x(crystal length). For bigger crystal cross section please contact Deltronic Crystal Ind. Inc.


Electrical Specifications  
Power supply 24 VDC
2A max
Power consumption 48W max


Mechanical Specifications  
Thermo Controller Module dimensions 155 x 142 x 51 mm
Crystal Oven dimensions Diameter = 50.8 mm
Length = crystal length [mm] + 26 mm
Crystal Oven mounting 2” laser kinematic mount (sold separately)


Operating humidity 20 … 80 RH% (without condensation)


Functional Features  
Temperature range A. 25-100 °C (DTR 100)
B. 25-150 °C (DTR 150)
C. 25-200 °C (DTR 200)
Heating/Cooling rate 2, 4, 6 and 8 °C/min
Temperature stability 0.02°C
Set point precision 0.1°C
Display resolution 0.1°C
Temperature Sampling rate 5 samples per second